Buying in Kueskipay is very simple

Buy now and pay later, without a credit or debit card.

As simple as that! Make all your purchases today, try them, enjoy them and start paying for them later.
You can make your purchases and pay up to 12 fortnights from your cell phone. The best thing is that you don't need a card! We finance your purchase and then you can pay it with the method that suits you best.

How do I use Kueski Pay?

Step 1: Fill your shopping cart with everything you want.

Step 2: Select Kueski Pay as the payment method in the store.

Step 3: Complete our form.

Step 4: Wait for the payment to be authorized.

Ready! Receive your items and start paying for them later in the fortnights you chose. Your purchase is 100% secure and we pay the merchant directly.

All requests are subject to approval and results may vary without notice.*

Which are the requirements?

Be of age.
Be of Mexican nationality.
Domicile in national territory.
INE Current.

What is the status of my application?

Once you finish filling out your application, you will enter a validation process of all your personal data and purchase details. When the validation is finished, you will receive the response of the request in your email.

Consider that there may be variations in the response time, so we suggest that you do not refresh or close the tab.

What is the next step after my application is approved?

Your purchase will be released and the store where you made it will give or send you what you purchased. If you have a problem with the delivery or the products, we recommend that you contact the store.

Financing for online purchases:
Partial payments for the client:
1, 2, 4 or 6 fortnights.
Minimum purchase amount: $500.
Maximum purchase amount: $5,000.
Effective interest rate: 0% to 15%
Different options and facilities for
pay off the loan.