All products from the month of July 2023 that have the Moreka brand have a one-year warranty, any other that does not have the Moreka brand factory printed and is marketed by Moreka Shop will only have a 3-month warranty directly with us.

In the event that the store where you buy does not want to validate the guarantee, you can manage it with us.

Items covered by this Warranty:

a) This warranty covers all parts and components of the product including labor if required.

b) Moreca. will replace any part or electrical component at no additional cost to the consumer if required.

c) This guarantee only covers the cost of sending the part (if required) and this will be the return of the part to where the person requesting the guarantee indicates. The user who requires the guarantee of any of the Moreka products must present or send the product directly to Moreka Shop (prior contact with Moreka Shop ).

Procedure to validate the Guarantee.

In order to make any guarantee of our products valid, it is necessary to unconditionally cover the following requirements:

1. Present the purchased product (without physical damage, burns, blows or that it has been misused).
2. Present the original of the receipt or invoice of the product, where the specific data of the product is stated.

Where to make the Guarantee valid.

In the establishment where said product was purchased, if the guarantee expires in that establishment please contact Moreka Shop .


In none of the following cases will this guarantee be valid:

a) When the product has been used under conditions other than normal.

b) When the product has not been operated in accordance with the user manual included with the product.

c) When the product has been altered (Hardware or Software) or repaired by personnel not authorized by Moreka .

d) If the product has physical damage, dents, blows, burns, short circuit, rust or if it has been exposed to an environment that is not conducive to the product.